STRONGER & DETERMINED: I've been hindered, but not defeated. After reading your book DEALING WITH THE DEVIL, I'm stronger and more determined than ever to keep fighting Satan with all that is within me. The book helped me recognize him better and recognize my weapons and how to use them more effectively. Keep up the good work. I've never seen anything in print like this. It is a fantastic help to Christians." (E.H.-FL)
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: It is thought-provoking and sobering to the vast majority of those caught up in the easy belief American "churchianity" lifestyle that is a mile wide and an inch deep! This book is a welcome "slap in the face" that we ALL need! (D. R.)
REVOLUTIONIZED MY LIFE: "I've tried to win souls, but discovered I lacked the ego strength to do it. Then I was introduced to your book, WITNESSING MADE EASY, and completed your course. It completely revolutionized my life! Now I've had the thrill of leading a number of people in my private world to Christ." (P.H.--NH). 
BLESSED CASUALTIES: "My husband and I had the privilege of reading your book COMPASSIONATE SIDE OF DIVORCE and what a thrill it was to read a sympathetic view, having been past victims of divorce. Only the Lord could take two people in despair, cross their paths, mend their broken hearts and unite them in a beautiful Christ-centered marriage for which we praise Him. Your insight into God's word is amazing and we thank you for sharing it." (Mrs. R.J.-CA)
END OF SEARCH: Thank you, Dr. Lovett, for your marvelous book, LATEST WORD ON THE LAST DAYS. I've been searching for something like this for years. I've longed for a crystal clear explanation of the last days and you've given it to me. Your book has drawn me closer to the Lord. I agree that it's time for us to get ready for the Lord's appearing. (E.M.-TX)
THANKFUL: "I have read  REVELATION in the Bible many times, but was unable to understand much of what I read. Now, with the help of Dr. Lovett's LIGHTS ON REVELATION, I am able to understand everything that was confusing to me. I am so thankful he listened to the Holy Spirit and I am confident the Lord will bless many people with this book." (Mrs. E.B.-CA)
PRACTICAL TIPS: "Your ministry has been a great blessing to me and my family has been touched by your teaching. My husband is now a Christian! Your advice in UNEQUALLY YOKED WIVES was such a good source of practical tips on winning him. God bless you and guide you in all you write." (E.S. - CO)
TREMENDOUS IMPACT: "Just a note to let you know what a tremendous impact your LIGHTS have had on our Tuesday morning Bible study. Never have the scriptures been so clearly explained. For some time I have wanted to write and let you know what a blessing you have been. The Christian world needs these tools!" (Mrs. E.J. - TX)
EVANGELIST INSPIRED: "Your book, DYNAMIC TRUTHS FOR THE SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE, is a masterpiece. I had a big decision to make, and what peace God gave me after seeing the way you open the Scriptures. If a person reads this book and fails to draw closer to Christ, he has never met the Lord, as far as I am concerned. I've been reading your material for years and I am convinced your ideas are the most practical around." (Rev. R.S.-KS)
GREAT FOR BIBLE STUDY: "Brother Lovett, thank you for your 'Lights' books. We are using them in our ladies Bible study. The helps and explanations of verses are so good. We studied LOVETT'S LIGHTS ON ACTS and I feel as though we were a part or a partner with Paul on his various travels and sea voyages. Now I want to order LOVETT'S LIGHTS ON JOHN for our next study. Thank you and God bless you!" (E.H. - WA)