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“Dr. Lovett, do you believe every Christian should be a soul-winner?”


I stunned a visiting pastor when I said, “NO, not anymore!”


You should have seen the look on his face. “You’re going to have to explain that,” he said.


So let’s go to a busy courtroom, and we will see the difference in action. The witness takes the stand, ready to tell what he knows. The prosecutor, on the other hand, is highly trained and skilled in asking the questions that help convict the defendant. The soul-winner is like that prosecuting attorney, whereas the witness is like the one on the witness stand, telling only what he knows. Soul-winning is one discipline and witnessing is quite another. They should not be confused.




For years I believed every Christian should be a soul-winner. Because the Lord had given me a simple plan that made it easy and fun for me, I thought everyone should be able to do it. So convinced was I, that I held seminars in the western states teaching men and women how to present Christ alive. The Lord refined the skill to the place where almost anyone could be taught HOW to share the Lord and press for a decision.


Then I was approached by a denomination to teach some of their key businessmen the skill. I was also asked to keep track of the results. Before this, I had never really done a systematic follow-up on those I had taught. Well, the results staggered me and broke my heart. I found that only 2% of those graduating from the courses went on to be soul-winners. The rest simply would not do it, even though they knew how. My heart sank. I began to follow up on others I had taught. Sure enough, the same discouraging statistic held. Only 2 out of 100 trained would actually go on to win souls.


What was wrong? The method was simple enough and easily learned. The plan was extremely effective. Those who went on to use it would win anywhere from 50 to 500 souls a year. I knew it wasn’t the plan. What was it then? I finally saw it. There is a big difference between knowing how to do something and having the strength to do it. I was training many people to do a work for which they DID NOT have the personality strength. I decided to wait on the Holy Spirit and let Him show me what to do.




The Spirit of God arranged for me to see the solution “by accident.” A man and his son come to visit Personal Christianity. The son brought along his ball and was bouncing it against the wall. Then the accident happened. The ball landed on the roof of our building. We had to get out a ladder to retrieve it. As the father was climbing up the ladder, the Spirit whispered, “Sam, you’ve been trying to get people to go from the ground to the roof in one jump!”


I knew what He meant. I was asking people to go from silence to soul-winning in a single leap, without any regard for their personality strengths. My soul fairly shouted within me. I saw my error and answer at the same time. Here I had been asking people to do the HARDEST JOB in Christianity, with no prior help of any kind. Soul-winning is more difficult than selling products door-to-door, and I was expecting timid and shy Christians to do it—just because I gave them the words to say.


A good teacher always meets his people where they are and then takes them STEP BY STEP where he wants them to go. I was expecting them to do the most frightening, terrifying work a Christian can undertake.


That man on the ladder recovering his son’s ball was the Holy Spirit’s way of telling me, “GET DOWN where the people are and then lift them up ONE SIMPLE STEP AT A TIME!” That meant I was going to have to come up with some kind of a LADDER and start people off at the bottom.




I had a lot to learn. It took a little time for me to realize that only the tiniest percentage of Christians have the strength for aggressive soul-winning. Then the Holy Spirit began leading me to conduct witnessing experiments. I was searching for a beginning point that would match the strength of every Christian. In time a marvelous plan emerged that worked just like a LADDER.


The bottom rung was the easiest, of course, with each successive step getting a little bit harder. That way a person could stay on one rung until he had the strength needed for the next step. At last, I had a way of helping every Christian obey the Great Commission and HAVE FUN doing it. I called it the LADDER-METHOD of witnessing because it actually lifted people from silence to aggressive witnessing—one step at a time. More importantly, it allows every Christian to find his OWN COMFORT LEVEL. Since we are not all made alike, some are going to reach the limit of their ability at some point on the ladder. That is the beauty of this method—it allows everyone to find the level where they can serve the Lord best (Matt. 28:18-20).




As I said before, I used to get 2% results from trying to make soul winners out of people in one jump. Now using the LADDER-METHOD, I get much better results. Why? When you work with people at their COMFORT LEVEL, they enjoy serving the Lord. The Spirit of God is prodding every Christian to witness, but if he thinks he has to go out and win souls, he will not do it. And here is what is so thrilling. More soul-winners are being developed because of this witnessing plan. Many who used the witnessing plan find they now have the strength to go on and use the soul-winning plan. The witnessing plan BUILDS STRENGTHS in them they did not have before.


Beyond that, I am convinced that witnessing is the short route to the POWER of God. Action on our part brings about action on the part of God—no matter how feeble. The simplest steps of witnessing, EVEN WHERE NO ONE SEES YOU DO THE ACTION, can bring a terrific anointing. If you feel the Spirit’s call deep in your heart to witness to your private world, you are going to like the ladder method. Don’t worry about being shy, the Holy Spirit will help you with that. Listen to what this course did for Mary in North Carolina. She went all the way up the ladder:


“I thank God for the wonderful time I’ve had climbing the witnessing ladder. I’m a changed person. This has been a course in getting to know the Holy Spirit as I never knew Him before. He has become so precious to me. I praise Him for leading me to your wonderful program for teaching shy Christians how to witness.”




Not only are individual Christians concerned about their personal obedience, but pastors have a difficult time getting people to participate and follow through with visitation programs. The truth of the matter is their people are downright scared and shy about doing that kind of work. It is a terrifying thing to stand before a strange door and hear the sound of approaching steps. You do not know what to expect. It takes a lot of personality strength to meet that kind of threat, but it can be developed. The way to develop it is by starting out with the SIMPLEST STEPS OF WITNESSING and watch your strengths grow as you climb up the ladder.


Pastors should be thrilled with what can happen in their churches when their people start to witness. What is nice about the method is that it is so simple; Sunday school classes, small groups, or entire congregations can be involved.


Then watch a new zest and spirit sweep your church or fellowship! People who get involved with the Holy Spirit become better givers, pray more, testify with enthusiasm, and infect others. They become more loving and long to help the pastor carry out his programs. There is no church anywhere that experiences more joy than one filled with witnesses.


And for those of you who have longed to experience the Spirit’s power, you are going to enjoy what you find in this book, WITNESSING MADE EASY. It will be the answer to the ache in your spirit. At last, you can be the kind of Christian. . .






“And you shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8).


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