We have moved the Personal Christianity ministry to a completely online ministry. We are no longer selling our books on this website. You may order Dr. Lovett's newly revised book, Witnessing Made Easy, The Prepared Life, and Dealing with the Devil from the links to below. We will be adding more of his books for online purchase through as they become available.

 Preparing for His Appearing - Helps you get ready to stand before the Lord, as you explore end-time events.

  • Death: Graduation to Glory
  • Jesus is Coming, Get Ready Christian
  • Latest Word on the Last Days
  • The Prepared Life (new)

Sharing Your Faith - It equips you with the skills of bringing others to Christ.

Wellness and Healing For Your Body - God has placed healing power in our bodies, but we need to learn how to trigger it.

  • Help Lord, The Devil Wants Me Fat!
  • Jesus Wants You Well

Resisting The Devil - We have a vicious enemy who lives to destroy us and he will if we don't know how to stand up to him.

Marriage and Family - God uses the pressures of marriage to soften our hearts and make us more dependent on Him.

  • Unequally Yoked Wives
  • The Compassionate Side of Divorce

Helps To Build Your Faith - Faith can be built up like a muscle, but you need to know how and you'll find that here.

  • Dynamic Truths for the Spirit-Filled Life

Grasping the Deeper Truths - Lay hold of some of the deepest insights of the New Testament.

  • Lovett's Lights on 1 & 2 Corinthians
  • Lovett's Lights on Acts
  • Lovett's Lights on Galatians Through 1 & 2 Thessalonians
  • Lovett's Lights on Hebrews
  • Lovett's Lights on John
  • Lovett's Lights on Revelation
  • Lovett's Lights on Romans
  • Lovett's Lights on The Sermon on the Mount