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Did you know that soul-winning and witnessing are not the same? While everyone can witness for Jesus, not everyone can win souls—at least not at first. Soul-winning consists of a single task—bring a prospect face to face with Christ and press him to receive the Lord as his Savior. There's no half-way business about it. You either get a person to make a decision or you don't. If you fail to make the presentation or are interrupted for some reason, you simply do not win that soul for Christ. If there is no decision, there is no soul-winning.


Witnessing, on the other hand, is a work that can be performed in countless ways. The moment a person does anything to share the word of Christ, he is a 100% successful. Witnessing ranges all the way from hiding a gospel tract in a public place to telling another person what Jesus means to you.




“God hasn’t retained many of us as lawyers, but He has subpoenaed all of us as witnesses!”

–Hearth and Life


Consider a courtroom. This is the place to observe the difference between the two roles of a prosecuting attorney and a witness. They are very distinct skills, as you will see.


Watch as a witness is being called to testify. He rises from his seat and moves to the witness stand. When he is seated, he is asked to make statements from his own personal knowledge. He tells what he knows. Never does he probe or challenge. He gives what is asked of him and that’s all. Then he is dismissed. That’s the extent of his role.


Now watch the prosecuting attorney. He doesn’t take the stand. He’s a lawyer. It’s not his business to tell what he knows. Instead, he is highly skilled in extracting information from others and using their words to prove his point. He’s a sharp handler of people. He knows how to take facts and present them to win cases. That’s his business. All of his moves are aimed at getting a conviction. He works to get a decision out of a judge or jury.


The soul-winner is like a prosecuting attorney. His moves are calculated to extract information from a prospect. He uses that information, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, to bring conviction. Then he maneuvers his prospect to the point where he must face Christ. Far from telling a person what he knows, his efforts are all geared to getting a prospect to do something about Jesus. He’s not content to tell people anything. He wants them to act, to do something about the Savior standing at the door of their hearts.


When we see the differences between a prosecuting attorney and a witness, we are in a position to note the difference between a soul-winner and a witness. They are two different specialties. As long as a person simply tells another about Jesus, he is a witness. But the moment he tries to get that person to do something with Christ, he shifts over to the role of the soul-winner.




For decades I have been training soul-winners and witnesses. It has been my experience that the average Christian doesn't know the difference between the two skills. Most think they are synonymous. That causes them to shy away from any kind of training. Believing there is no way to witness short of winning a soul to Christ, they are reluctant to start. A multitude of God's people is content to remain silent, thinking only of those prepared to win souls are qualified to speak for Christ.


I estimate that 80% of all believers have this notion. Satan is using it to keep them out of action. I don't blame them for being frightened. Soul-winning is a terrifying business—until you are equipped with the skill, and more importantly, have the strength to use it. It's a welcome relief, therefore, to learn that there are two specialties—one which is quite difficult and the other very easy. It becomes obvious, then that many who have shied away from witnessing, thinking it meant soul-winning, could get started.




I believe that all Christians could become soul-winners—if they would first work with the Holy Spirit as witnesses. There is nothing more torturous than forcing yourself to be a soul-winner when you don't have the personality strength for that kind of approach. The thing to do is to develop your strength as a witness, and then you can tackle the task of soul-winning with confidence and enthusiasm. I am suggesting, that unless you have a vigorous personality strength which allows you to start right off as a soul-winner, you should forget about it—temporarily.


Now there are some people, who by virtue of their personality gifts, can start immediately as soul-winners. Usually, these are salesmen or those who hold public jobs. They are psychologically equipped as social assertive. They find it easy to convince other people. A Christian with assertive personality traits is a natural-born soul-winner. All he needs is to be equipped with a plan, and he could start winning souls—instantly.


But let me assure you, people like that are a minority. The average Christian does not have that kind of social strength. Therefore, it is wrong, very wrong, to suppose a shy and timid believer ought to pattern himself after one who is naturally forceful with other people.


You may ask, “Doesn’t the Spirit’s power make up for deficiencies in our personalities?” The answer is yes. But He doesn’t do it automatically. We must learn to work with Him at close range before His strength becomes our strength. That kind of skill doesn’t come overnight. The average Christian wouldn’t recognize the working of the Holy Spirit in a live situation, knowing only the theory of His ministry. It takes time and experimentation to become familiar with the Spirit’s power. That’s why I urge all believers to witness first and then win souls.




The Lord is aware of this variable in His people. He knows some are endowed with public gifts, while others are shy and timid. That's why He gave the command to witness,You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8 NIV). Everyone can witness, even though not all go on to win souls. Why? There are ways to witness that match the shyness of the timidest soul.


Everyone can begin with the easiest steps, and then, with the passing of time, graduate to harder ones. It is cruel to expect people to perform spiritual tasks that are not consistent with their social strengths. There are those who accept the challenge of their pastor or some evangelist to try to be soul-winners. A sense of duty drives them. For a time they go through the nightmare of attempting something beyond their ability, but it doesn't last. Before long, they recoil from it. And that's bad. Usually, it instills a fear from which they are not easily recovered.




Should we be concerned about the multitudes all around us who are in the dark about Christ? Is not their spiritual darkness more dreadful than even the fangs of a python? What shame then must belong to that Christian who withholds his light from his neighbor? And what will be the Lord’s charge against a believer who refuses to give even a glimmer of help to a lost soul, so he could see his peril and do something about it? No wonder God asks His people to shine for Him when even the tiniest flicker can put the unsaved on the right path.


I’m sure you’ve heard this: “I don’t believe we should go around talking about religion. I just let my light shine. People know where I stand.” Of course, you have. That particular phrase has been overused until it is now one of our saddest Christian excuses. What does it mean? It means that the speaker deems it unnecessary to say one word about Christ outside the church. He figures if he follows a certain pattern of life, the unsaved who observe his life will be impressed to the place where they will come seeking Christ. Now some who say that are quite sincere. But usually, it is just an excuse for doing nothing. Now one of the sweetest things Jesus taught His disciples upon the Mount is being used as an excuse for disobedience. “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven” (Matt. 5: 16 NASB).


The hurtful fact is that a wonderful Scripture verse has been twisted to justify no action. But this is a definite instruction. A second look at it can rescue someone from an awful deception. Satan has used this precious verse to silence many of God’s people by giving it a slight twist. But that’s his way, isn’t it?




Have you ever considered yourself a witness for Jesus? Witnessing Made Easy will show you how to start sharing your faith with others by witnessing to them. Witnessing is a process toward the goal of soul-winning. You will follow the 10 steps with each offering a bit more ego threat than the preceding one.


We begin the course with secret actions, gradually moving closer and closer to people in bite-sized steps that are fun. As soon as a person absorbs all the threat at one level, he advances to the next higher level. You will find yourself excited about witnessing to others and being an “intentional” Christian. You can be a missionary right in your own hometown using tracts, everyday conversations, and even modern technology. You can witness using your computer or other electronic devices from your own home. We hope you will be excited to get in on the action now!

Jesus’ Great Commission to reach the world is being fulfilled!


C. S. Lovett



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