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The centurion charged with killing Jesus was so flabbergasted he exclaimed, “Truly this was the Son of God!” (Matt. 27:54).


When Pilate heard Jesus was already dead, he couldn’t believe it. He sent for the centurion to hear it from his own lips (Mark 15:44). Even that wasn’t enough. Soldiers were dispatched to Calvary to make sure the job was done. But when they came to Jesus, they too were astonished to find Him already dead (John 19:33).




Death comes slowly on a cross. Sometimes it takes weeks. Those merely tied to the cross bar were left to starve. Those nailed were given a stupefying drink to deaden the agony. The suffering was intense. Traumatic fever occurred from inflammation of the wounds. Arteries surcharged with blood produced throbbing headaches. Despite exposure, thirst, and tetanus, death never came before three days. Usually, it takes a week. But Jesus died in six hours!


Shortly after Jesus was nailed, He was offered the stupefying drink. He refused it, wanting nothing in His system to deaden His senses (Matt. 27:34). He needed all of His faculties for the awesome work just ahead of Him. The first three hours were fairly quiet. Then, around noon, He gave forth that terrible shout, “Father, why has Thou forsaken Me?” For the next three hours, something went on you and I cannot fathom. During that time, our salvation was secured.


At three P.M. the darkness lifted. Then Jesus said, “I’m thirsty.” Why would He accept the drink now? The atonement was accomplished. He had finished the work He had come to do in the flesh, but see He was still alive. His atoning work was finished before He died. How do we know? He said so. As soon as it was done, He accepted the sour wine (stupefying drink) and cried . . .




Then He did the astonishing thing. “He bowed His head and dismissed His spirit” (John 19:30). Note that He was still in good shape. His head didn’t fall limp against His chest as if His last bit of energy were gone—He bowed it! He even shouted with a loud voice, “Father, into Thy hands I commit My spirit!” He was plenty strong, nowhere near death when the miracle happened. He merely did something you and I can’t do—He dismissed Himself from His own body. The cross didn’t kill Jesus. His death was miraculous!




“No man can take My life from Me. I have power to lay it down, I have power to take it up again” (John 10:18).


Jesus could leave His body at will. Death had no power over Him. He had the power over death. All the Gospel writers agree, “He gave up His spirit.” Not a one says He died. Once released from the body needed for the revelation of God and the atonement, Jesus could move on to the greater work before Him.


Great work? Yes. Until He made the transition from flesh to spirit, there was no way for Him to apply that “finished” work to you and me (salvation). There is no way to connect men’s souls with the cross physically. People must receive Christ personally into their lives if His death and life are to be theirs. There is no other way. Until Jesus made the transition from flesh to spirit, He was not available. By His physical death, He simply shifted from Phase I to Phase II of His ministry. And He did it supernaturally.




Few Christians have noticed how Jesus’ death was miraculous. Most think the cross killed Him. Yet, a closer look reveals His death was wholly apart from the cross. That was merely the place God chose for His exodus. Yes, it’s true. Something did happen to His body as well. A soldier thrust his lance into Jesus’ side after His body had died. That lance performed an autopsy. Gushing blood and water tell us a story by themselves. The facts are there on the surface of God’s Word for anyone to see.


Have you noticed how God hides amazing truths in the most obvious place—on the surface of His Word? It’s true. Perhaps that’s why they remain undiscovered by the average Christian. Be honest now. Did you know Jesus’ death was supernatural? Yet, as you look at the facts in the text, isn’t it obvious? Yes. Literally hundreds of remarkable truths are hidden just that way. The average Christian never learns of them until someone points them out. That’s a shame.


Years ago, God led me to do something about this. I started work on LOVETT’S LIGHTS, an unusual exposition designed to extract the real nuggets of the New Testament and set them before God’s people. You’re going to love the style. After you read 2 or 3 verses in the text, you come to a light.


Using as few words as possible, the “LIGHTS” bring out the hidden meanings of the text. There are three unique elements:

 1. The Greek text is rephrased in modern English.

 2. Questions are interspersed to keep the author’s central theme in view.

 3. The LIGHTS are paragraphs containing the nuggets of truth.


These paragraphs provide excellent Bible study help bringing information about the customs of those times, explanations, or certain Greek words, and link up with other vital truths. As you read this exciting new treatment, you will meet some of the most compelling truths of God. Armed with the insights furnished in this Bible study help, a preacher or teacher can hold his listeners spellbound week after week.


Imagine yourself in a Sunday school class. There you stand with all this knowledge in your hands. Any time you choose, you can ask questions and supply answers that turn the class into adventure. Things get exciting when you drop one of these “insight bombs” into a spiritual discussion. Take what you’ve just learned. Imagine yourself saying to your fellow student, “Did you know the cross didn’t kill Jesus?” And while they stare at you in wonder, you can explain to them how Jesus finished the atonement BEFORE He died!




C. S. Lovett


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QUESTION: “The Bible says, ‘Many are called but few are chosen’ (Matthew 22:14). Could you explain the difference between being called and being chosen?”


ANSWER: The Lord commissioned His disciples to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” By this command, it is clear God wanted everyone to hear the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus and take advantage of His offer. It was in fact a CALL to them to put their trust in Christ. Thus, everyone who hears the Gospel is called. Each person has a free will to make a choice.


Since the Gospel is an invitation to be saved, some accept the invitation and others don’t. Those who accept the invitation quickly learn from the Word that they are CHOSEN even before the foundation of the world. So, the chosen ones are those who heed the invitation, believe it, and put their trust in Jesus. The fact that God foreknew they would do this and entered their names in His Book of Life, clearly shows He chose them, by virtue of His foreknowledge He knew they were going to accept His invitation, and His choice of them was based on that knowledge.


The Lord has provided tools for making you rich toward God. The tools are books. You may not believe books can be that powerful, but they are—especially when the Holy Spirit anoints them. Does not God use a BOOK for preserving His revelation? “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly diving the world of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).




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