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If I were to ask you, “What is the NUMBER ONE truth of the Bible, you'd have no difficulty answering: "Why it's salvation through faith in our Lord Jesus!" Right, but suppose I asked, “What is the NEXT MOST IMPORTANT TRUTH of the bible, how would you answer?"


The salvation message so dominates the Christian scene that all other truths are sort of lumped together with few standing out from the others. Salvation is just the beginning of the Christian life.


The NUMBER TWO truth of the Bible is the two natures of the believer. Here is the one truth Christians must master, and if they don't:


1. They will remain baffled by many parts of the Bible, for some passages pertain to the old nature only, while others pertain to the new nature only. If they don't know the difference, it will appear to be a contradiction.


2. They won't be able to understand themselves.



Certain truths impact our lives with staggering power; truths that produce nice changes in us when we focus on them. But until we single them out, they don't affect us. God leaves us on earth after our salvation experience so that we can GROW and CHANGE into His likeness. Christians are like tea bags. They come to full strength when you leave them in hot water. And life on earth provides plenty of hot water for bringing Christians to maturity.



It is God's determined purpose that we should CHANGE and "be conformed to the image of His Son" (Rom. 8:29). Conforming to the likeness of Jesus is a gradual process. It can only be done in a place of change.




When we receive Christ, an amazing thing happens. We receive the DIVINE NATURE (2 Pet. 1:4). God does not destroy our old natures; He simply adds the NEW ONE. So the believer ends up with TWO NATURES. It is the struggle between the two natures that provides the perfect environment for a believer to develop into the likeness of Christ.


To have believers confused about the Bible is awful. Feeling awful about themselves is worse, yet thousands are in this predicament. It puts them in a place where they can't understand why they DO and THINK such terrible things. Others end up believing the Bible contradicts itself. On the other hand, if you acquire a working knowledge of the Christian's two natures, you'll never be baffled by these things.




The apostle Paul calls the old nature, "the old man" and the new nature, "the new man" (Eph. 4:22, 24). In other places, the Bible refers to them as flesh and spirit. These two natures become DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to each other. The old nature is worldly, the new nature godly. The "tug-o-war" occurring between them provides the stress needed for Christian growth. This explains why Christians can appear to be saintly one minute and devilish the next. You've heard people say, "I don't see how so and so could be a Christian and do such things!" Satan gets them to yield to their old natures, and they act ungodly. He can get the best of us to do this at times.




Consider the seeming contradiction in First John, Chapter One, "If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us" (vs. 6). Yet, when we look across to Chapter 3 of the same book, we read (vs. 9), "Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin. . .” How do we reconcile these conflicting statements? We can't unless we understand one is speaking of the OLD NATURE which can only sin, and the other is speaking of the NEW NATURE which cannot sin.


You've read Paul's list of the works of the flesh (Gal. 5:19-21). He cites such things as impure thoughts, bad temper, rivalry, factions, and party spirit. Sound familiar? It should. You and I do these things ourselves— if not in DEED, then certainly in OUR MINDS, which is the same as far as God is concerned (Matt. 5:28). But look how he concludes the matter, “I solemnly assure you that those who do such things will never inherit the kingdom of God!"


That's bewildering until we realize he is speaking of the OLD NATURE. It alone does such things. The new man cannot. It's the NEW MAN we take to heaven, the old man drops off at physical death.




I'll mention what I consider the number 3 truth — learning to recognize Satan's attacks and being able to put him to flight! When God gave me a 4-step plan for DEALING WITH THE DEVIL, I was thrilled beyond words. I remember the first time I took authority over Satan, and he fled on my command. What an adventure! That has made huge changes in my life, opening a whole new resource for me in the Holy Spirit. It gave me a powerful weapon for subduing the OLD MAN—through Christ.





Something in you would have to die before you could lay hold of these three truths and remain the same person. The last thing the devil wants is for you to acquire knowledge about them. So check with the Holy Spirit to see if I’m on track and then give Satan the brush-off. So go after these three spiritual truths and you can . . .




C. S. Lovett

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QUESTION: “A visiting pastor referred our people to Rev. 20:13 and said, ‘It seems obvious to me that this verse teaches there are different degrees of punishment in hell.’ His remark so stirred my spirit, I haven’t been able to put the matter to rest. Can you help me?”


ANSWER: The answer lies in the verse itself, “And each person was judged according to what he had done.” This judgment occurs after the earthly kingdom is finished. The unsaved dead of all ages are summoned before the great white throne (vs. 11). Here their works (deeds) are evaluated, and punishment is meted on the basis of that judgment.


Simple logic requires a different sentence for each person; otherwise, if all received the same judgment, what would be the point of any judgment at all? Since we know God to be just, His own justice demands the compassionate grandmother who wouldn’t hurt anyone, to be treated differently from the brutal dictator who snuffed out lives for the sport of it. Since God is eternal, His attributes, including justice, must continue on into eternity.




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