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Have you ever gossiped? You just could not wait to tell someone a juicy tidbit. We do not realize how evil that is. The gossip gets satisfaction from hurting another person in a way that leaves the victim almost helpless to defend oneself. The words coming from our hearts when we gossip are prompted by the devil (Matthew 15:19). It is worse than adultery, for adultery is propelled by a drive of the organism. No physical drive prompts anyone to gossip. It is incited by Satan and done solely for the fiendish delight it brings to the Christian’s old nature. You will not understand that unless you know about the believer’s two natures.


Most Christians realize we receive a new nature when we are saved, and that God leaves the old nature there. Thus we end up with two natures. But what is not realized is the awesome power of that old nature and its effect on the believer. Until that person knows something about that power, he is easily deceived by Satan and enjoys little growth in Christ.


Will gossips make it to heaven? Of course, they will. Being a gossip does not diminish or even tarnish the righteousness we have in Christ (2 Cor. 5:21). Nothing can do that, but it certainly demonstrates the power of the Christian’s old nature. The apostle Paul was shocked to discover the power of his old nature.




The discovery of that power led him to some remarkable conclusions. I will mention two of them in Romans 7:14-20. If you would care to turn to that passage right now, it will land you in the middle of Paul’s struggle over his two natures and his astonishing conclusion. The proof of what I am saying will be right before your eyes:

1. He found himself a slave to sin. That is, he sinned even when he did not want to. Early on he learned that this new nature, though perfect in Christ, was all but powerless in the face of the overwhelming power of his old nature. He could not do what he wanted to and ended up doing what he hated. See that in verse 19? The apostle was appalled at his own carnality. So much for our original question.


2. Defeat (failure) is essential for Christian growth. Most of us learn our best lessons through our mistakes and failures. Since God knows this, it is easy to see why He allows us to keep that old nature after we come to Christ. When you watch Christians carefully, sin appears to be almost normal. They all seem to be carnal in one way or another.


For one Christian, it might be judging another believer. For another, it might be dividing over doctrine. While still another might be finding evil delight in hurting other Christians with malicious gossip. Our churches have plenty of gossips, some even holding high offices. Still, others crave the material things of this world. They may be faithful in going to church and tithing, but their efforts and passions are spent in the pursuit of carnal pleasures and possessions.




It is the Spirit’s task to convict of sin, not mine. What I seek to point out is that unless we do something about that old nature, our lives are going to be far from what God wants them to be, and we will not even be AWARE of the power in us that is preventing us from growing up in Christ!


I am sure every Christian reading this article wants to please God and put Christ first in his/her life, but honestly, that is impossible until you learn how to deal with that old man whom God purposely leaves in you after you come to Christ. He expects you to fight him, but unless you know how to fight (victory means winning in battle), your life is not going to change. Year after year will go by, and you will remain the same person you are right now. You will remain a defeated Christian. Of course, I expect you to protest that.


Some have even gone so far as to say Paul was describing his condition before he was saved. When we come to Chapter 8, it begins with the word “THEREFORE.” The “Therefore” indicates that what we find in Chapter 8 is simply the conclusion of what he was saying in Chapter 7. When amplified, that means, “In spite of what I have been saying, there is no condemnation for those in Christ no matter how rough the battle gets, nor how powerfully the flesh dominates the spirit.” So don’t let anyone tell you we don’t live in Chapter 7.


Let’s say we agree that Paul’s experience is ours too, and we find ourselves serving the law of God with our minds, but with our flesh, the law of sin! Do we like that situation? Do we want things to stay that way? Paul hated it, and we do too. Even though there was “no condemnation” he cried out, “O wretched man that I am!” He viewed himself as chained, face-to-face with a rotting corpse. That is how foul he believed his old nature to be.


Where do you find believers crying out like that today? You do not. The truth of the war that exists between our two natures and the effect this has on our Christian lives is simply not taught. Yet, in my view, it is the NUMBER TWO TRUTH OF THE BIBLE—right after salvation.



We live in a day when people of all ages work out in gymnasiums and health clubs, walk miles, and become body-conscious. They want nice, firm bodies that look good and feel better. But they have to WORK to get them. Similarly, a believer can go to work and build up his new nature to the place where it is no longer a helpless wimp before that awesome brute, “the old man” (Eph. 4:22).


Here is a quote from a gentleman who read a previous article regarding this same topic:


“Dr. Lovett, I never dreamed my old nature was powerful enough to hinder my Christian growth. I can see I have not changed all that much in recent years, but I never knew why. Now I do and I am beginning to have some victories. Now some nice changes are taking place in me. What’s more, I sense the Holy Spirit’s joy and delight at my progress. I feel I’m finally on track for becoming more like Jesus!”


You will be saying words like that—that is, if you start working out in God’s gymnasium. Of course, if you simply read this article and do nothing but agree with me, then you will stay as you are. Please do not do that. We only have one life in which to grow up and become like Jesus. Please God by becoming. . .





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“To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with Me on My throne, just as I overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne” (Revelation 3:21).

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Question: “I was with a group of people, all of whom knew I was a Christian. The conversation led an unsaved person to ask, ‘How can anyone be sure the Bible is true. It was written by different men over a period of centuries. So how can it possibly be something anyone should take seriously?’ How would you answer that?”


Answer: The Bible is also called God’s Word. So if it really is God’s Word, then God is the One Who has to make it real and certify it to the hearts of men and women. That is what He does. By the witness of His Spirit to the person who reads it with the eyes of his heart. As the person reads the Word, EAGER TO KNOW if what he is reading is true, then it becomes the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to certify what he’s reading is the true Word of God.


The open-hearted reader senses he is reading something God has put before him and with his heart, a conviction arises. He does not question it. No one can do this for another. Only the Spirit can confirm God’s Word to a believing heart. All we have is the Word of God on the outside and the Spirit of God on the inside.


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