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If I told you of a country that was at war and didn’t know it, you would laugh. To your mind, that would be impossible. But suppose I told you most of God’s people are involved in a war and don’t know it, would you laugh then? You shouldn’t because it’s true. Millions of born-again believers are involved in a war with Satan, and they don’t know it. You see, one of the devil’s awesome advantages is that he can BLIND his victims to the place where he can hurt them, and they don’t know they are being hurt.


As a result, a host of believers are confused, baffled, and perplexed. They find themselves sinning when they don’t want to sin. And they find themselves unable to serve the Lord even when they truly want to. And yet, they haven’t a clue as to why this is so.


We need some pretty powerful weapons if we’re to survive the devil’s attacks and most Christians don’t know they have them. The apostle Paul exhorts believers to “Be strong in the Lord and His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (Ephesians 6:10,11).




The apostle is urgent about this, yearning for believers to lay hold of the weapons in Christ and learn how to stand up to the devil and put him to flight. Yet even with weapons more powerful than the devils, it’s still tough to stand up to him. He has approximately 6,000 years of experience in deceiving and tricking people and is so skilled at what he doesn’t, the average believer is devastated by him and doesn’t know it.


What I am saying is that Christian after Christian is wiped out by him, and they still think they’re doing okay in God’s eyes. But if you look closely at their lives, you can see the damage. They go year after year with no changes. They are precisely the SAME PEOPLE ten years, twenty years, or thirty years later.


They don’t pay their bills any better. They don’t drive their cars any better. They don’t speak any more kinder of others. Nor do they speak more gently to their husbands, wives, and children. They don’t spend more time in prayer or in the Word. Their giving is the same. They are exactly the same people with practically NO CHANGES in their lives.


Now that is pitiful when you consider the one thing God is after is CHANGE. Change is the BIGGEST WORD in Christianity. One of the reasons God leaves us here after we are saved is that we might GROW and CHANGE into the likeness of His Son, the Lord Jesus. That is practically a direct quote from Rom. 8:29. So when we don’t grow, Satan has been able to frustrate God’s plan for our lives. But it is not God Who is defeated, it is us. We have free wills, and it is up to us to ARM ourselves and learn how to deal with the devil. That is part of our growing process.




Am I exaggerating the damage inflicted by the devil? Why don’t you make the evaluation? If you look at their lives, I think you will find most of their days and energies are spent trying to find HAPPINESS in this world—instead of TURNING THEIR BACKS on this world. The Lord has commanded us to invest ourselves in Him, not to search for the good life on earth. It really isn’t here anyway.


We are at war with a vicious enemy who is out to destroy us and whose chief weapon is BLINDNESS. I am speaking of spiritual blindness, mental blindness. With his power to blind the minds of people, Satan can keep believers in the dark as to who they are in Christ, to their real purpose for being on the earth, and what God expects of them. As a consequence, they live for themselves and their families, totally unaware of their blindness.




“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). The apostle makes it clear that our enemy is not human, not physical. You can’t see him; you can’t touch him. And he has a huge army of unseen beings with a complete chain of command. This means we cannot use physical weapons against him. His attacks against us are not physical, they are spiritual and that makes the battleground—OUR MINDS!


The devil has NO HANDS with which to hit us! NO TEETH with which to bite us. NO FEET to kick us. He is a spirit-being and limited totally to spiritual weapons. Those who fear he might strike them physically, are worrying out of ignorance. But do not feel sorry for Satan. He has a weapon that is awesome and unbelievably powerful. And that weapon is IDEAS!


Why do you think his ideas are so powerful? They appeal to our old natures, our CARNAL nature. Our old natures like EVERYTHING he suggests. He is too smart to suggest anything we don’t like. He would give himself away if he did that.


As a spirit-being, the devil watches over our thought life. Thoughts are spirit; therefore, the devil sees every thought passing through our minds. As God beholds everything going on in our imaginations, so does the devil. Because he has this ability, he knows the precise moment to drop an IDEA into our thought stream, and he does it in such a way as to make us think it is OUR OWN IDEA. NOW THAT’S POWER!




If our military people could do that with the leaders in the Kremlin, we would not need to spend one penny on the weapons of war. We would already have the most powerful weapon there is—SATAN’S WEAPON. Our generals could then work with ideas, dropping them into the minds of the Soviet rulers and then leading them by the nose. That is exactly what Satan does with us and until we take the trouble to learn how to recognize his attacks and deal with them, he will continue to lay waste to our lives.


It’s safe to say that most Christians lie dead on the battlefield. Not that they have lost their salvation. The devil doesn’t have THAT kind of power. But they have lost the mental war. And they are easy victims because they did not even know they were in a war to begin with. What a price they will pay at the judgement seat of Christ, simply because they did not bother to learn of the enemy and how to arm themselves against him.




I hope not. The reason I wrote DEALING WITH THE DEVIL was to keep a friend like you from becoming a victim of Satan’s blinding power and deceiving power. He’s got both, and he’s good at what he does. So I want you to know about the weapons the Holy Spirit has placed at your disposal and be able to use them.


I urge you to read my book, DEALING WITH THE DEVIL, and then ask the Spirit what you should do about it. Your life will never be the same. But I must tell you, Satan will do all he can to keep you from acquiring this skill and, after you do get it, he will work furiously to frustrate your reading of it. So be looking for his interference.


I hope this article has stirred your heart. I pray it will become the means of your being able to turn the tables on the devil and help you to . . .




C. S. Lovett

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Question: “Will God ever close the door of salvation? I just heard an evangelist say that soon now, God is going to close the door of salvation and after that no one can be saved! I have two sons who are unsaved, and I’ve got to know if this is true!”


Answer: It is my view that people can be saved right up to the moment Jesus appears in the sky and “every eye shall see Him” (Rev. 1:17). When that happens, the whole program shifts from FAITH to SIGHT, and we know salvation is by faith. The day that shift occurs, we can be sure everyone who has said “Yes” to Jesus will be with Him when He descends from the sky. The apostle Paul insists He is “coming with ALL His saints!” (1 Thessalonians 3:13).


It stuns us to think no one will be saved after that day, particularly when we know that day may be coming sooner than we think!




ENLIGHTENED: “Your book DEALING WITH THE DEVIL has been a blessing from God. It has opened my eyes to the trickery of Satan in my life. I wish that every Christian could have a copy of this book. And I will be failing my duty to God if I don’t get this book into the hands of as many of God’s children as I can” (W.M.—PA)


CHURCH AFFECTED: “I’ve been miserable and unhappy and didn’t know why I experienced so little growth since becoming a Christian. Then I read your book DEALING WITH THE DEVIL and God revealed how Satan has been using my old thoughts and attitudes to keep me frustrated and defeated. Now my life is changing, and I feel closer to the Lord than ever. The change in me has stirred our church and your book is being taught in a number of the groups. Thank you for writing this book” (Mrs. L.V.—WI).



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