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How can a man like that have such an impact on the whole world? On the surface, it doesn’t make sense. Yet, while He…


            NEVER wrote a book—yet caused more books to be written than any other man.

            NEVER painted a picture—yet has been the inspiration for more paintings than any other man.

            NEVER founded a college—yet no school ever had so many students.

            NEVER wrote a song—yet has furnished the theme for thousands of songs.

            NEVER led an army—yet no leader ever had so many volunteers.

            WAS sold for 30 pieces of silver—yet His personal worth was enough to redeem the entire world.


How can we explain this awesome impact on man lasting over two thousand years? One single event explains it all—His resurrection! Without Easter morning and that empty tomb, the next generation wouldn’t know Who Jesus was. He would just be another dead body. Many had come claiming to be Messiah and Jesus seemed to be just another in that series.


As you can imagine, it was a terribly sad day when Jesus died. His death on a cross put an end to all those hopes built up in the hearts of His followers. Most were fishermen and went back to their nets thinking it was all over. What heavy hearts they all had and sad faces everywhere.


Two men on the road to Emmaus pretty well summed up the mood of Jesus’ followers. So within hours, the movement bearing His name was all but gone. Hearts sank in despair. Jesus told them He’d be back, but their minds couldn’t handle that. The cross was still standing on the hill; they knew He was gone.


On the other hand, had they remembered His words and believed them, they could have handled it easily. As it was, they had nothing but gloom. Darkness had settled over the land when Jesus shouted, “FATHER INTO THY HANDS I COMMEND MY SPIRIT!” By the way, He was still alive and in fair shape when He uttered that cry. The cross didn’t kill Him—He simply dismissed His Spirit. He had the power to do that.


When Jesus’ body laid in that tomb, it meant one thing to Jesus’ followers—it’s over! For the next three days, dark gloom settled on the hearts of the believers. They cried in despair, for they had already acknowledged “To whom shall we go? Thou alone hast the words of eternal life!” BUT NOW HE WAS DEAD. No one else to go to. Nothing could be done now. It was hopeless. And when hope is gone, that’s the bottom of the pit. But as the dreary three days drew to a close, the fog lifted. On that Sunday morning, the real message came through. JESUS CONQUERED DEATH! HE IS RISEN! And with that event, Jesus became the most conspicuous figure of history. His resurrection made Him the Divider of Time. We have BC and AD because Christ arose! Whether the world likes it or not, the resurrection of Jesus Christ has been accepted as fact, because of its impact on history.




But we need to see what was behind it. Wasn’t it just to show off God’s power? It was a SIGN given to the world that people might believe God really isn’t unfair about the salvation business. The resurrection is something men can hang their faith on—IF INCLINED TO BELIEVE. It’s a remarkable, supernatural sign.


During Jesus’ earthly ministry, He performed His healings and miracles on the Sabbath. He did that purposely to provoke confrontations with Israel’s leaders. To their minds, no way could He come from God and be a Lawbreaker. Yet, they couldn’t get around His miracles which were clearly from God. So they demanded an explanation. “By what authority do You do these things? What SIGN can You show us!” They wanted Him to produce His credentials, proving His right to do this. So He said to them, “Destroy this Temple (body) and I’ll raise it in three days!” (John 2:18,19). He made it clear the world would get just ONE SIGN…period. That one sign would validate His claim. He put it like this: “An evil generation seeks after a sign, but no sign will be given it except the sign of Jonah; for as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a fish, so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights here on earth” (Matthew 12:39,40). That was it. This was the one and only sign the world would ever get. It shows that God is willing to give every man a basis for faith if he wants to believe in Jesus!




Can you imagine what it takes to do that! Something bigger than world wars. We’ve had world wars and they didn’t change the calendar. No, this change would never have occurred had not Christ risen from the grave. The fact is, no one would have ever heard of Him, and we wouldn’t be talking about Him today. This sign is so great; it leaves all mankind without excuse.




In the 6th Chapter of John, Jesus’ disciples went to the other side of a lake for a time of rest. But the crowds followed them on foot all around the top of the lake—a great distance. As it got late in the day, people were hungry, and the disciples expressed concern for them. Jesus said, “You feed them!” And that brought on the event of the five loaves and two fish. There were roughly 8,000 people in the crowd: 5,000 men and 3,000 women. Jesus broke the bread, gave thanks, and distributed the food to all. Everyone was stuffed. They even had leftovers enough for 12 baskets full. A super miracle since they only had five loaves and two fish to start with.


The next day the same crowd found Jesus at Capernaum (a paraphrase of events):


“How did You get here,” they wanted to know. “You are not looking for me because of My miracles, but because you got your bellies full. Don’t labor for that stuff, it perishes. Labor for the food that lasts forever which the Son of Man can give you!”


“Yeah,” they said, “That’s what we want and also how can we do the thing You do.”


Jesus replied, “All you have to do is believe in the One God sent!”


They came back, “Well, how do we know that’s true? What SIGN can you show us that we can see and believe what you’re saying?”


Now that is the funny part. They’d just seen a whopping SIGN. These very people had just seen Him feed 8,000 people with five loaves and two fishes. They ate it themselves and here they are asking for a SIGN. Doesn’t this expose the real nature of the human heart? They didn’t WANT to believe in Jesus, but they DID WANT a miracle/restaurant. It would be great to have all the food they wanted and not have to work for it. It is the nature of the human heart either TO believe or NOT to believe.


One scholar said to me: “There is more evidence for believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ than for believing Christopher Columbus came here in 1492.” It is that clear cut. There is no middle ground. So we’re saying men refuse to accept the SIGN of Jesus’ resurrection because they DON’T WANT Him. And it is due to the hardness of their hearts with the real credit going to SATAN.




Now for the proof. When you opened your heart to Jesus and invited him in, you didn’t feel anything. The miracle took place, but you didn’t feel it because it is spirit. Even as a woman doesn’t feel it the instant she becomes pregnant, with the passing of time, she knows she’s pregnant as all kinds of changes take place in her body. So it is for the Christian. He can’t feel his conception as a child of God, but all kinds of changes begin to take place in him. At first, he feels a new joy and a new peace. And then other things follow. These changes take place in all who set their hearts on Jesus.


If the resurrection of Jesus Christ doesn’t convince the world, then the world should look at your changed life as the real proof of a Christian believer.


Now if you are not satisfied with the changes in your life, then you need to get closer to the life-changing Word of God and discipline yourself to be in the Word every day!



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QUESTION: “I read somewhere that you teach the cross did not kill Jesus. I am a graduate of three schools of higher learning, plus Bible College. I always thought the cross did kill Jesus. Have I missed something?”


ANSWER: The simplest explanation comes from Jesus Himself. When He cried from the cross, “IT IS FINISHED,” He was still alive and strong. It was after that He cried, “Father into Thy hands I commend my Spirit.” The job was done BEFORE He dismissed His Spirit. His death was simply His exodus from the physical world. You may recall He said, “I have power to lay down my life and I have power to take it up again” (John 10:17,18).


He said no man takes if from Him, not even Pilate nor the soldiers who nailed Him to the cross, so we see the cross didn’t kill Jesus. He died on the cross all right, but it was by His own command that He left the body (John 19:30).




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