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Preparing For His Appearing Since 1951

In 1951 Dr. C.S. Lovett founded PERSONAL CHRISTIANITY for the sole purpose of helping believers get ready to meet Jesus when He returns. Not many are ready for the questions the Lord will ask of them on that day. Every book is designed to help you stand before Him without fear or embarrassment.

Dr. Lovett’s career consisted of businessman, Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, Air Force Chaplin, pastor/founder of Personal Christianity, an editor of the Amplified New Testament, and writer of 45 books and many more articles.

Dr. Lovett desired that Personal Christianity should not be aligned with any denomination.  He taught the Word of God as the Holy Spirit revealed it to him.  As a result, the ministry has not been inhibited by preconceived ideas that separate denominations.

On November 18, 2012, Dr. Lovett “graduated to glory.”  According to Dr. Lovett’s wishes, Personal Christianity is dedicated to continuing his legacy of “preparing for His appearing” and will provide books and other writings to continue his ministry.


Dr. Lovett's book, MARANATHA MAN, is the fascinating autobiography of a man whose writings have changed countless lives for Christ. Read how God found him a worthless nobody, called him, and reshaped him into a useful servant with a world-wide ministry. He tells the fascinating story of how he became a Chrisitan, a minister of the Lord, and the founder of Personal Christianity. This free book is available to you for a donation in any amount to Personal Christianity. Send your donation to Personal Christianity, PO Box 918, Middleton, ID 83644. *Free shipping only available to the continental United States and Hawaii.